Korea Forestry Promotion Institute (Kofpi) Scholarship Program

Опубликовано: 12-02-2019

Program Objective

The objective of the program is to provide international students with the opportunity to conduct advanced studies at graduate course of university in Korea in order to cultivate forestry experts and promote mutual friendship between countries.

Main schedule

• Application period : February 11th ∼ March 8th , 2019 (26days)
* Deadline: 6pm Korean time March 8th , 2019
• Selection of candidate : Middle of March 2019
• Admission procedure : April ∼ May 2019
* Admission periods for universities may differ
• Starting semester : September 2019

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/files/redactor/0ef2d25da10dd84655b392175cdc26d04. Notice for 2019 Kofpi Scholarship Program(English).pdf

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